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Lutherie Services

Repair & Restoration

I can repair all manner of musical string instruments. Likewise, I am able to perform restoration work on instruments of historical value. Please contact me to discuss your needs and to obtain an estimate. Some of my repair and restoration work can be seen in the Instrument Gallery.

New & Used Instruments

I periodically have new or used instruments for sale. Since I have a full-time job in addition to lutherie/strings, I am not able to take orders at this time. However, I try to keep current by building instruments that interest me, and I do consider requests! Some of the items "On the Workbench" (below) will eventually make their way to sale. Check back here or follow me on Facebook,

For some of my work, please see the Instrument Gallery.

On the Workbench

Many of my instruments are for sale! To be notified or to express interest in any of the following instruments being made, please contact me.

  • New Instruments Currently in Process:
    • Cithrinchen prototype after Tielke, 1676 (RCM #27). 35cm mensur. [Prototype only - NOT FOR SALE]
    • Cithrinchen after Tielke, 1676 (RCM #27) in ebony and yew. 35cm mensur.
    • 5-course mandore, original design, in yew. 29cm mensur.
    • 9-course “cytharion” - original creation inspired by Paris E.46 cittern and Palmer orpharion. 54/62cm mensur. [NOT FOR SALE]
  • Planned Instruments:
    • Cithrinchen after Tielke, 1676 (RCM #27) in 75 year-old aged maple. 35cm mensur.
    • 4-course diatonic cittern after Brussels, KM 1524. 44cm mensur.
    • 6-course chromatic cittern, own design. 42cm mensur.
    • Three 4-course Renaissance guitars (2 in figured myrtle, 1 in figured walnut). 55cm mensur.